🔰 Step-by-step guide making slideshow for the true beginners

This is the Step-by-step guide for making slideshow for the true beginer.
It's possible to create from the scratch by using Microsoft free "Notepad", but here we use the template provided.
But, to use the template, click HERE to download the template-eng.zip file.
You will see the browser message on the screen the completion of download.
You can click to open it now, but at this time we will proceed to next step.

📁 Making new folder for slideshow

   ① Open your PC's ”Document” folder。
   ② Click the right button of the mouse on empty space, then click the left button selecting "Creat New" and select "Folder".
   ③ "New folder" will be created and requesting to rename. Then enter any name.
   ④ Let's assume you named "slideshow", then click the "slideshow" folder with left button.

📄 Making new file for programming

   ⑤ template.zip is already downloaded on to the PC's "download" folder. Select file and unzip this file.
     Please specify the unzip directory location to the already created "slideshow" folder. 4 files will be loaded there.
   ⑥ As the template.html will be used many times later, make this file's copy (Copy&Past operation).
   ⑦ Then rename the newly created copy file to the name, let's say, "MyShow".    

🖊 Entering text into the file

   ⑧ Generaly Photos are stored in "Picture" folder. Please select one Photo and bring onto your folder using Copy&Past.
     Same for the audio file, do the same opration from the "Music" folder. (If you are familier with the Drag&Drop. use either way)
     Picture file Yorkie.jpg and audio file FreeMusic.mp3 are downloaded with template, if you use them, you can this stp.
   ⑨ Launch "Notepad" and from menu "open MyShow.html file.
     If your audio file name is abc.mp3 then edit as music="./abc.mp3";.
     Same as for picure file, if your file name is xyz.jpg edit as slide[n++]="xyz.jpg|||||||";.
     then save MyShow.html file.

😊 Execution of created slideshow

   ➉ Click the "MyShow.html", you can enjoy the slideshow now, as you expected.

💻 Addition of the Photos and description texts, special screen effects

   ⑪ Next step is to achieve the addition of Photos and description text, and special screen effects to your project.
     Addition of Photo is done by adding the line slide[n++]="???.jpg|||||||"; as many as pictures.
     For example, I've modifyed to add effects and texts, though not adding Photo. This is it.

🌐 Public release of the completed project

   ⑫ If you satisfyed to run only on your PC, it's OK. That's the completion of your project.
     If you want release the show publicly, you need to "Upload" to network. (advanced user)
     To achieve this purpose, you need to subscribe to the network vendor, and need to have your own "Home Page" space.
     You may be able to find many vendors on the market, free or payed. There's pros and cons.
     But, free type service will generaly tend to insert the CM advartisement into your page space.

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